I’m actually sitting in the clinic waiting room waiting for my husband to part indefinitely with his robust sperm count.

We decided it was time. We are both basically 40 and decided that if we had another kid, we might never retire and enjoy any of the benefits of having a little extra cash on hand- not that this ever happens now but we can dream about that possibility right?

I can’t imagine how he feels right now sitting in the stale smelling procedure room, waiting for the doctor to come in and put that little tent up to prevent him from observing the severing ties he once had with his fully functioning lower extremity. I do know one thing for sure- we had one last discussion about it on our road trip here and reassured each other that this was the best choice for us.

We have 2 amazing biological children and we certainly had our struggles getting to the place we are at. As I sit here, my emotions are also a bit volatile right now as I come to terms with the finality of the children I have and the realization that I will never conceive again. There’s no more cute baby bump, excitement about what this baby will look like, or the beauty of the childbirth process.

That said, I would be lying if I said that the risk we take when we do get down and dirty is not somewhat exhilarating. Now that the risk is gone, will it be as exciting? Will we become the couple that finds more excitement in eating at a new restaurant and watching the newest Netflix show than being the intimate rabbits we once were? I guess time will tell.

As I sit here waiting for the end of a sperm filled era, my husband is texting me from the procedure room stating that the drugs are starting to kick in and he’s feeling loopy. My hope is that as that 10mg Valium continues to take effect, he lays back, relaxes and thinks about all of the care free times ahead of us.

We as women sacrifice so much in terms of our bodies when bringing children into this world. Our bodies can become damaged, stretched, disproportionately shaped and never look like the size it once was. We spend years on birth control until we decide to stop messing with our hormones and have children or not have children. We spend large amounts of time potentially breastfeeding our children. Our bodies take a beating. In the scheme of things, we’ve probably had the equivalent of 100 vasectomies.

If you have a partner that is willing to take one for the team and get snipped, you have a partner that understands the concept that we as women at some point need a break. It’s your turn and we thank you so much for living up to your promise to be invested in the relationship you made a commitment to being a part of.

Thank you for being on permanent birth control husband. It just made me love you even more.

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  1. piamajumdar says:

    now thats a interesting read , nice post .you said the truth actually 🙂
    customize your page and remove the text widget


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